QuickBooks Error Code -6176, 0

While firewall Blocks Connection between two computer in multi user mode

Usually this error appears when QuickBooks unable to connect with company file or may be firewall configuration is as such which isn’t letting computers to communicate.

Or may be anti virus software firewall is not allowing user to connect with QuickBooks company file or some times company file won’t open or respond which cause QuickBooks Error -6176 -0.

In certain situation third party software could also cause this miscommunication.


  • Disable multi user mode in QuickBooks by going into file option, Try to open company file in host computer.
  • Update QuickBooks to the latest release
  • If still you have QuickBooks Error -6176 -0 then try to open sample company file on on off the computer
  • If sample company file work just fine then may be an issue with the company file or may be your data is damage
  • Disable anti virus software on your host computer or may be try to create an exception inside anti virus firewall for QuickBooks
  • Above listed solution can help you to eliminate QuickBooks Error code -6176 -0 if still this error persist, Then you may try to repair QuickBooks first to do that Press and hold Windows key and press letter R type Command APPWIZ.CPL which will bring up Program and Features window. From this list select QuickBooks and do right click to Repair. Entire Process would take at-least  two or three minutes. Once process is finished please try to Open QuickBooks Company file.
  • If you are still unable to Open QuickBooks Company file please reinstall QuickBooks with the latest release.

Above listed solution will help you to resolve this issue in few steps but if all these steps won’t work then call QuickBooks technical Support expert at 1800 470 6903.

What ever information you see in this article are based on real time solution these solution can help you to resolve lots of QuickBooks related issues.

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